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The Recipe For Change

The Recipe For Change

This model is a three-stage process (Awareness, Acceptance and Action), often also called the 3 A’s, through which anyone can empower themselves and transform their life. They are the necessary steps for healthy change and growth to occur.



The first step that initiates the process of change is self-awareness. If you do not have self-awareness, you would not even know which area you need to grow in. Being mindful really needs you to be the observer of yourself. You begin by observing your own behavior and actions as you conduct your day. A great place to start your mindfulness practice is through meditation in the morning or reflection at the end of the day.  Increasing your levels of self-awareness is a continuous process, as is growth.

For a person to be self-aware, the first step would be to have the humility to introspect. To know where you can be better or do better, you should be willing to accept that you do have significant room for growth and that life is nothing but a journey of growth. Another important step is to be able to take feedback graciously and use that as a tool for what is perceived as opposed to what you know.


The next step in the process of change is acceptance.  Acceptance is the stage in which an honest examination can be made of the “discomfort zone”. This step can be described as “Opening the heart in kindness to self and others, especially to one’s own reactivity and upset. Without mean capitulating, condoning, or agreeing with our own or others’ behavior.”

Acceptance requires us to have some appreciativeness for where we are in our own development. You get to motivate yourself to remain open, instead of shutting down or blaming yourself or others when difficult situations arise.



Once you are aware of what needs to change and have accepted that you will set to work on it, comes the next stage of action. Action is one of the most challenging stages. While awareness and acceptance are imperative, it does not mean a thing unless you act on it. So sometimes, you may be aware that there is something you have been meaning to work on for months or years but have never acted on it.

It can be challenging to take action when feeling doubt, discomfort or disillusionment. These feelings indicate work is being done outside the comfort zone.  Action involves an element of risk, and it teaches quickly. Nothing can replace taking action. When you take action, you learn how powerful and strong you truly are and you increase your confidence and self-trust.



Here are some videos and podcasts that may be useful:



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