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How to practice self-love on Valentine’s day (and everyday)

How to practice self-love on Valentine’s day (and everyday)

It’s Valentine’s day, a special day to pamper the one’s you love. However, sometimes we forget that the most meaningful connection we have is with ourselves. That is why we want to show you some ways, you can practice self-love on this special day (and every day too).



Holding on to past resentments keeps you stuck. If we are capable of forgiving others, we free our heart and soul from every bit of grudge against others and fill it with love and compassion. Holding grudges against others only damages our spiritual health and sense of wellbeing.



You will love yourself more when you take better care of your basic needs. It’s key to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day. The goal is to figure out which self-care strategies work best for you, learn how to use these strategies, and implement them in your regular routine so you can boost your well-being not only today but forever.



People who have more self-love tend to know what they think, feel, and want. Taking actions based on need rather than want. By staying focused on what you need, you turn away from automatic behavior patterns that get you into trouble, keep you stuck in the past, and lessen self-love. Meditation is a great tool learn how to create space for ourselves, space to think, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions.

Here are some guided meditations that might help start your journey: 

- Meditation for Self Love | Yoga With Adriene

15-Minute Meditation For Self Love



As you probably heard before, comparison is the thief of joy. In order to break this cycle of comparing yourself with others you can start by becoming more conscious, bringing these thoughts to the forefront of your consciousness by being on the lookout for them.

Once you recognize you’re doing these comparisons, give yourself a break. Don’t criticize yourself or feel bad, just accept the thought, and adjust your focus.

Count what you have, not what you don’t. Instead of looking at your weaknesses, celebrate your strengths, be proud of them and work on using them to your best advantage.

No one is perfect, that imperfection is what makes you who you are, you already are perfect. Don’t focus on how you rank in comparison to others, we are all on a journey, to find something, to become something, to learn, to create. That’s all you need to worry about.

If you always want what others have, you will never have enough. You will always want more. That’s an endless cycle, and it will never lead to happiness. Instead, learn to realize that what you have is already enough. Be good with that, and you’ll find contentment.



Those around you impact your life and well-being, so consciously choose to surround yourself with optimistic people. They make you feel good about who you are because they genuinely care about you, make you laugh, teach you important lessons, and support you through difficult times.

Just because you’ve been friends doesn’t mean you need to keep spending time together. Just because you’re taking a break from someone, doesn’t mean you won’t be close again. Be picky about who you spend your time with, be there because you want to.



Try to treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. We tend to be harsher on ourselves than we would anyone else. Remind yourself of all the good things you’re doing and that things will be ok. Practicing self-compassion allows you to loosen your tight grip on craving for things in a certain way or wanting perfection. Self-compassion is the antidote that you apply when you have been too harsh in your expectations.



Poor boundaries tell others that we are not as important as they are. Healthy boundaries allow us to maintain our identity and authenticity when interacting with others. Setting boundaries ensures we are clear with others and ourselves about what we are willing to allow in and what we won’t. This act of self-care gifts us assurance that we are living our lives with clarity and enjoying our key relationships from a place of empowerment.



Start truly caring for yourself by mirroring that in what you eat, how you exercise, and what you spend time doing. Daily acts of self-love are a good way to remind you that you love yourself and make the difference. Because we can only look after others when we take care of ourselves first.


We also curated a playlist to boost you self-love, confidence and self-worth. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

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